The Govenors

Great Rollright Primary School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School, which means that it was founded by, and is still owned by, the Church of England.

The School was actually founded in 1852 and the Diocese of Oxford has ultimate responsibility for its running. This responsibility is discharged through a Board of Governors (the “Governing Body”) which also employs the staff, including the Head. The Governing Body delegates the day-to-day running of the school to the Head. There is also a large input from the Local Authority, which provides the funding for the School and also monitors the standards of achievement of the School’s pupils.

The Governors’ role is to formulate the strategic plans for the school, and to support our Head in running the School. Each Governor is a well-informed “critical friend” who offers support to the School and to the Head, but who is not afraid to ask awkward questions or to offer constructive criticism where necessary. In such a small school, Governors also have a further role to play in carrying out many of the practical tasks which might be done by staff in larger schools.

Governors come from all walks of life and the make-up of the Governing Body reflects the aims and aspirations of the local community; it also “preserves and develops the school’s religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England.” By its nature, the Governing Body contains expertise in various disciplines and has contacts in the local area who can offer the school practical help when needed.

Our instrument of Governance sets out how many of each type of governor we have. We have one Ex Officio Governor, one Headteacher (the Co Heads share this role), one Staff Governor, one Local Authority Governor, two Parent Governors and seven Foundation Governors. 

The Governing Body has three committees: The Finance, Staffing and Resources committee, The Monitoring Committee and The Health and Safety Committee.

The Terms of reference for the committees:

Finance, Resources and Staffing


Health and Safety

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings 2016-17 attached

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings 2017-18 attached


Mrs Anne Hewett



Reverend John Acreman

Foundation Governor John is Ex Officio and is also a Governor at Hook Norton C.E. Primary School.


Mr Adam Buxton

Local Authority Governor, appointed from 1st September 2016. Adam has no pecuniary interests to declare. He is a member of the Finance Staffing and Resources Committee.

Miss Michelle Hastings

Co Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, Class teacher in The Woodland Thursday and Friday, and PSHCE Leader.

Mrs Rebecca Buckland

Staff Governor, Class teacher in The Mountains Classroom and Subject Leader for Mathematics, ICT, MFL and P.E. Rebecca was appointed as staff governor in November 2014.

Mrs Helen Gormley

Foundation Governor and Chairperson since September 2016. She was appointed as a Foundation governor in September 2015. Helen is on The Monitoring Committee and has no pecuniary interests to declare.

Mr John Lougher

John is a Foundation Governor appointed in September 2015. He is on the Finance, Staffing, and Resources Committee and is  also one of our Health and Safety Governors. He has no pecuniary interests to declare.

Mr Paul Bowman

Foundation Governor and a member of the Monitoring Committee, Paul was appointed in May 2014. He is also one of our Health and Safety Governors. He has no                              pecuniary interests to declare.

 Mrs Allison Dawe

   Allison is a Foundation Governor                            appointed in March 2017. She has                         no pecuniary interests to declare                           and she is a member of The Monitoring        Committee.

Mrs Kelsey Walker


Kelsey was elected as a Parent Governor in April 2017. She has no pecuniary interests to declare and is a member of The Finance, Staffing and Resources Committee.

Helen Hare.JPG

Mrs Helen Hare

Parent Governor, appointed in September 2015 and Vice Chairperson from September 2015, Helen is on the Monitoring Committee and she has no pecuniary interests to declare. Helen is also our Safeguarding Governor.