October 2016

As the nights begin to draw in, it's hard to believe how quickly time has flown by this Autumn and we have already been back at school for seven weeks. Half term is fast approaching! Our youngest children have settled in very well and it seems like they have always been part of the school. Our older children have been involved in sporting tournaments at Chipping Norton Secondary school as part of the involvement we have with The Chipping Norton Partnership of Schools. It's been wonderful to see how responsible they are as well as how enthusiastic they have been to do well! Everyone, including the staff is working hard and there is great learning to be seen throughout the school!

Every child, including our new ones, is in one of our House Teams. The four teams are Owls, Hawks, Kestrels and Eagles. Elections for House Captains took place in September and every Friday the house points are collected up and totalled! The house cup will be awarded at Christmas.

The School Council is also in place,meeting regularly and organising the fundraising calendar for the year.The School Councillors are also concerned that everyone takes care of the equipment we have,as they appreciate that budgets are tight!

We held our Friends of Great Rollright Association A.G. M. last Friday and a new committee of Trustees is in place. Shortly this group will be meeting to plan our social calendar and begin this year's fundraising! We are very grateful for all the help and support we get from this group of parents!