July 17

As ever, the school has been very busy since we returned after the Easter Holidays! To begin with, we were busy settling back into our school routines, taking part in a couple of Chipping Norton Partnership tournaments, and also surviving the KS2 SATs! We were delighted to win both The Tag Rugby and The Athletics Small Schools Tournaments! We are very proud of our Year 6 children’s performance in the KS2 SATs; they have exceeded national averages once again!

We have had links with Vasa Oviningsskola, a school in Vasa, West Finland for 10 years now. Thirteen children and three staff from Great Rollright travelled to Vasa on 19th May and enjoyed wonderful hospitality from our Finnish friends. The children enjoyed being in school, as well as visiting local museums, shopping and exploring the famously beautiful Kvarken Archipelago.

However, probably the most noteworthy part of the last few months was our Ofsted Inspection. Schools await such inspections, often for months, with mixed feelings, preparing endless paperwork, and then the call comes, giving the headteacher about 19 hours’ notice. Our inspection was on 20th June and, following our day, we are delighted to report we had some very positive feedback. If you would like to read our report, it can be found at: https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/inspection-reports/find-inspection-report/provider/ELS/123183.

Comments included: Good teaching now challenges pupils to think more deeply. Of note is the way you have developed effective ways of supporting pupils in overcoming any barriers to success. As a result of the support you provide, overall attendance improved last academic year, as did the attendance of pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities

On the day of our inspection, we had a visit from The Longborough Opera Company who were working with our Year 6 children creating a very original version of The Magic Flute. In July the Year 6 children went to Longborough to watch the dress rehearsal of the same opera, which every pupil thoroughly enjoyed! We are grateful to Longborough for the fantastic support they give to our school.

The Ofsted Inspector, observing the children listening to the operatic singing, noted: Despite this kind of music being unfamiliar to most of them, the pupils responded rapturously to their new musical experience and dedicated themselves fully to the project.

The end of the year was fabulosly rounded off by class performance from Thr oCean and The Mlountains Classes! Well done to everyone involved!

So, another busy year is ended. We are, as ever, grateful for all the fantastic team work that makes Great Rollright School an exciting and fabulous place to teach and learn!